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Teaching Perspectives Inventory

A good educator should also be a Reflective Practitioner who constantly examines his/her personal beliefs and values about teaching. While most of us are the living embodiment of our personal instructional philosophy, many have great difficulty articulating how our unique values and beliefs are at the heart of our practice. Like our learners, we need some help from time to time in order to think deeply and critically about why things are as they are.  

The Teaching Perspectives Inventory, created by Daniel D. Pratt and John B. Collins, is a valuable inventory that allows educators to examine their own teaching as well as the teaching of others. The entire inventory takes about fifteen minutes to complete and automatically scores your results. You then receive an email detailing your results.

This activity would be an outstanding way to spend a PLC meeting or a staff development day as the results are sure to spark some conversation. I would also recommend two readings associated with the inventory.

Summaries of Five Teaching Perspectives
Daniel D. Pratt and John B. Collins

Good Teaching: One Size Fits All?
Daniel D. Pratt

Have fun! Why not take the inventory and then post your results as comments?

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