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Students Use Google Earth to Explore French Heritage

Ian Mitchell, teacher and learning leader at Thom Collegiate in Regina, used an innovative instructional approach in his Social Studies class this semester. Using Google Earth, Mitchell charged his learners with the task of creating a Google Earth Tour, which would  showcase various tourist attractions and activities focusing on French Heritage.Think Amazing Race, Google Earth Style. 

Working in small groups, students quickly picked up on the basics of Google Earth and had a great deal of fun adding  activities and locations. Mitchell said he is glad he decided to integrate technology into an activity where he traditionally used worksheets and print resources.

“The learners were far more engaged compared to previous years. Having them go out on their own and use technology to research French Heritage and present their findings is a far more learner-centred instructional approach. When the students presented in small groups, it exposed the entire class to a much deeper body of knowledge. I would never have been able to cover that much content on my own.”

Ian Mitchell

Click here to open the kmz file in Google Earth

Google Earth has a nice set of resources for Educators wanting to use the application for instructional purposes. Check them out.

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