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E-Journalism Team Gets Rolling at Coronation Park School

A small group of students at Coronation Park School in Regina has formed an e-journalism team! The team has decided to use a myriad of digital technologies to keep their local community informed about all the neat things going on in their school.

The team’s first task will be to write an article recounting a recent event. They will use iGo (Google Apps for Education) as a productivity suite to help them help each other through sharing and collaboration. They will later incorporate other multimedia, including podcasts, videos, etc.

Late Friday evening, I was happy to learn that students were spending their night working on the articles in iGo. You know middle years students are engaged when they spend their weekend fine-tuning an essay. The appeal for learners in this case is that they are publishing to a global audience using the same tools and techniques as an expert in the given field. Also, when you can situate learning outcomes within a context recognized and understood by students, you’ll likely have better engagement.

In the future, I’ll post some entries featuring the work of these students.

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