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Blogging at Douglas Park


What is a Blog?

Why Blog in Education?


100 Reasons Why Educators Should Blog

Van Dusen’s Top Ten

  1. Blogs provide a virtual announcement board for important messages about homework, assignments, deadlines, and more.
  2. Students can communicate with their teachers and other students through a blog. This is especially helpful for shy students who might not otherwise reach out.
  3. Students have a larger audience when they blog. If the blog is public, they are potentially writing for a global audience. This knowledge may empower them and their work.
  4. Blogs can be used to encourage discussion anytime — whether in or outside of class.
  5. Teachers can learn more about Web 2.0 tools and become more comfortable and familiar with them through the practice of writing a blog.
  6. Teachers can build their professional learning network through blogs by connecting with other experts and learning about new tools in their field.
  7. The increased transparency will build trust and rapport with parents and the community.
  8. Blogs can help students develop and hone literacy skills.
  9. Blogs allow for multimedia interaction. Students can post pictures, videos, links, and more.
  10. Blogs are FUN!


Great Examples

Mrs. Cassidy

Mrs. Hosie

Mr. Fisher

Other Examples

Mr. Van Dusen

Dome in Regina

Getting Started

How to set up a Blogger Account (video)



*Important* Regina Public Schools has its own Google domain. You will need an iGo account before registering for Blogger!!!

How to set up a Kidblog (video)




Sample blogging permission slip

Sample iGo permission slip

Blogger How to

Kidblogs Getting Started

Blogging Rubric



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