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The Teen Second Life Project Wins UBC Global Minds Challenge

I received an exciting email on Feb. 5th, but I haven’t blogged about it until now. I’ve been very busy with teaching and learning!!

Long story short: Following the links in this post to learn about the Teen Second Life Culture Project. Congratulations to my former TSL students and special thanks to Marnie McMillan, Garnett Gleim, and Marcel Lorenz who worked tirelessly on the project.

The Teen Second Life Project (featured on the VANOC Website)

UBC Global Minds Challenge

UBC Public Affairs Press Release


IT Summit in Saskatoon


I presented at the IT Summit this week in Saskatoon. Marcel Lorenz was with me in person, Garnett Gleim and Marnie McMillan joined us “in-world”. Here is a link to an overview of the presentation, which seemed to go over really well. Most people admit to not knowing a great deal about teaching and learning in Teen Second Life. Also, to date, we have not come across any other K-12 classrooms in Saskatchewan who are using this virtual world. The fact that we have been using TSL for two years now makes me realize that it really is innovative and cutting edge. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Garnett, Marnie, and Marcel. I am also very proud of my students who exceeded my expectations for learning and made valuable contributions to the presentation itself.

Personally, this my first presentation at a conference. I have done some low-key PD sessions for several schools, but the IT Summit was certainly a big step for me. Let’s hope there will be more to come.

Len Euler at Dr. Perry School

Garnett Gleim, better known to some as Len Euler, came out to Dr. Perry School on Thursday to give a presentation on the basic of Teen Second Life. Garnett shared his SL expertise with us and we are grateful that he could make it out to the classroom to reach our learners-F2F is always better! Students engaged well and quickly put their new knowledge to work “in-world” on Friday as they began to edit their land plots.

I am amazed at how quickly this group is developing design skills and I’m also glad that they are more interested in creating objects on their own rather than requesting a copy. In what will be the first of many class periods spent building out the cultures and having the students work on concrete representations of their new knowledge, I have to be happy with the preliminary results.

One of the more satisfying aspects of the project is to find a nice quite place in TSL where I, as a teacher, can sit back and observe my students actively engaged in a learnign task. Below is a picture of my avatar hovering above my students as they practice new skills on the beach.

More to come!

Teen Second Life Culture Project 2.0 Launched

Our grade eight culture unit, taught within Teen Second Life, is once again up and running. This is the second run of the project, which is sure to be a success given that the first was great and the experience gained through it is invaluable to improving the sequel. For more information please visit my class website.

To kick things off students activated prior knowledge and created what will be the first of several iterations of a culture concept map. As you can see, the students’ concept of ‘culture’ is quite limited. This is, of course, the reason we teach the unit. Should be interesting to compare the final concept maps to the first. Check back often to keep up with this world-class learning experience.

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