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RPSTA Teachers’ Convention 2013

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by Stuck in Customs

Thanks again for joining me at my breakout session. As promised, here are the links.


Tim Brown Ted Talk

Stuart Brown Ted Talk

Caine’s Arcade

National Institute for Play

Project H Design



Maker Faire

Imagination Foundation


Makey Makey

Technology Integration Matrix

Pearson Explorations

Parent Involvement

Harvard Family Research Project-Are Parents Relevant…

Club 2012

3 For Me

38 Ways to Get Involved in Your Child’s Classroom

Kathy Cassidy’s Blog


Using Electronic Porfolios in the K-12 Classroom


Great Tips and Tools for Creating Digital Portfolios

Show and Tell (Digital Storytelling)

Alec Couros’ Open Thinking Wiki

Bullies Called Him Porkchop

The Centre for Digital Storytelling


Blogging at Judge Bryant

A copy of the slide show I used.     

Links to examples:

Mrs. Cassidy

Mrs. Hosie

Mr. Fisher

ETEC 522


Sample blogging permission slip

Sample iGo permission slip





Standards and Digital Citizenship

ISTE NETS for Students

9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

Teacher-Librarian Technology Workshop

On Tuesday October 25th, I was lucky enough to facilitate two workshops for Teacher-Librarians from three nearby school divisions. Below you will find links to the resources I used during the workshops.



Kidblog Home


WordPress Help and Support (getting Started)

Concept Mapping

What are Concept Maps?

CMap Tools (Downloadable Client Version) FREE



Structuring Time Online




John Larkin’s Technology Guides and Resources

Free Technology for Teachers

Cool Tools for Schools

Blogging Lunch and Learn at Winston Knoll

Thanks to everyone who gave up their lunch hour to join me today. As promised, here are some resources that will help get you started.

A copy of the slide show I used.

Links to examples:

Mrs. Cassidy

Mrs. Hosie

Mr. Fisher

ETEC 522


Sample blogging permission slip

Sample iGo permission slip



Blogging at Douglas Park


What is a Blog?

Why Blog in Education?


100 Reasons Why Educators Should Blog

Van Dusen’s Top Ten

  1. Blogs provide a virtual announcement board for important messages about homework, assignments, deadlines, and more.
  2. Students can communicate with their teachers and other students through a blog. This is especially helpful for shy students who might not otherwise reach out.
  3. Students have a larger audience when they blog. If the blog is public, they are potentially writing for a global audience. This knowledge may empower them and their work.
  4. Blogs can be used to encourage discussion anytime — whether in or outside of class.
  5. Teachers can learn more about Web 2.0 tools and become more comfortable and familiar with them through the practice of writing a blog.
  6. Teachers can build their professional learning network through blogs by connecting with other experts and learning about new tools in their field.
  7. The increased transparency will build trust and rapport with parents and the community.
  8. Blogs can help students develop and hone literacy skills.
  9. Blogs allow for multimedia interaction. Students can post pictures, videos, links, and more.
  10. Blogs are FUN!


Great Examples

Mrs. Cassidy

Mrs. Hosie

Mr. Fisher

Other Examples

Mr. Van Dusen

Dome in Regina

Getting Started

How to set up a Blogger Account (video)



*Important* Regina Public Schools has its own Google domain. You will need an iGo account before registering for Blogger!!!

How to set up a Kidblog (video)




Sample blogging permission slip

Sample iGo permission slip

Blogger How to

Kidblogs Getting Started

Blogging Rubric



IT Summit in Saskatoon


I presented at the IT Summit this week in Saskatoon. Marcel Lorenz was with me in person, Garnett Gleim and Marnie McMillan joined us “in-world”. Here is a link to an overview of the presentation, which seemed to go over really well. Most people admit to not knowing a great deal about teaching and learning in Teen Second Life. Also, to date, we have not come across any other K-12 classrooms in Saskatchewan who are using this virtual world. The fact that we have been using TSL for two years now makes me realize that it really is innovative and cutting edge. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Garnett, Marnie, and Marcel. I am also very proud of my students who exceeded my expectations for learning and made valuable contributions to the presentation itself.

Personally, this my first presentation at a conference. I have done some low-key PD sessions for several schools, but the IT Summit was certainly a big step for me. Let’s hope there will be more to come.

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