Meet Samuel

Meet Samuel! He’s a creative and talented student who loves to draw and tell stories. Samuel uses MS Paint to create images for his movies and then exports them to iMovie where he integrates audio he recorded using Garageband. He is practicing storyboarding the sequence of narratives while immersed in the writing process. This is Samuel’s first published movie, but let’s hope it is not his last!


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  1. Bravo Samuel! What a creative and artistic movie you have put together. Not only were the drawings well done, but the singing and dialogue were fantastic. I like how it all came together to tell your story. Very powerful. I look forward to seeing your future work. Keep it up!

  2. Samuel’s Mom here – great job Sam! It looks great! See what a lot of hard work can make? It is wonderful!

  3. Samuel, I am so impressed with your movie! You are very talented at designing movies. I hope you continue to create movies for all of us to enjoy!

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