Using Google Forms for Student Tracking and Monitoring

Winston Knoll Collegiate teacher Jolene Sentes has developed a Google form that makes student tracking and monitoring in her noon-hour homework  room a non-issue. When a student has an outstanding assignment or needs to make up for a missed quiz or exam, his/her classroom teacher or parent

WKC Referral Sheet

quickly fills out and submits a Google Form, which is available on the Winston Knoll website. This information is then neatly gathered on a Google Spreadsheet and sent to Jolene who takes the appropriate steps in overseeing completion of assignments, test, and exams.

Check out the WKC Noon Hour Homework Room Referral Form here!

According to Jolene, the form is working quite well. She had this to say in a recent email to me:

I just wanted to send you an email to say, Thank You so much for helping
me! I am using the Igo everyday and it is working! Referrals are coming
in! It is allowing us to see the validity of the program as well as
easily track and monitor! I was able to provide concrete evidence to
staff about the homework and I am creating documents to allow me to
track information! Your help has helped me broaden my own learning and
excites me to help others to use this technology to further help

Great Job, Jolene!!!

You too can use Google Forms. In fact, you have access to the entire Google Docs suite through your iGo Account.


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