Issue-Based Research Project Using Animoto

I just love the way Carmen Holota, teacher at Thom Collegiate Mrs. Holotain Regina, designed the final project for her English 30 class. Carmen had her students select and research an important world issue before developing an Animoto video for a final presentation.

What I like most about Carmen’s approach:

  • The project was in lieu of a final exam, a different method of summative evaluation that required students to demonstrate the skills developed during the semester.
  • The assessment task provided learners with choices, including: topic, creative authority over how research would be presented, and whether to work individually or in pairs.
  • Process, Content, and Product are equally valued.
  • Carmen’s selection of technology was dead on. She knew that needed to use Animoto due to accessibility and ease of use. The tool fit the job here.
  • Unlike traditional exams, these presentations can be shared with the world rather than  locked up a file cabinet without ever being seen.

Check out an example of the students’ work:

Child Sexual Abuse.


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  1. Eric… I’m going to bookmark your blog for ideas… even if I am from the separate system… By the way I also really like Ian Mitchell’s innovative project idea!
    Jennifer Stewart-Mitchell

    • Thanks, Jennifer! Sounds good. I’m going to follow your blog as well. Love the work you’ve done with Voki!!!


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