Grade 8 Farewell Information

Grade Eight Farewell Update – March 1

Time and Place

  • This year’s farewell ceremony will be held at the Sheldon-Williams auditorium on Thursday June 17th. The program will start at 7:00 p.m. and typically lasts one hour.


  • Farewell photos will be taken on Thursday, March 25th a.m. LifeTouch, the photography company, will be sending further information shortly. The procedure for photos will be similar to that of the school photos taken in September. I should mention that LifeTouch will not return to the school for retakes or for students who were absent on March 25th. In the event that a student is away from school on photo day, he or she will have to go to the LifeTouch studio for the photo sitting.
  • The grade eight students would like to include a multimedia presentation during the ceremony. This requires a quick trip to a store where your photos are digitalized and copied to a CD. Please see the instructions on the reverse.

The Program

  • The graduating students will plan and organize the farewell ceremony. Each student will play a role here. This process will begin after the April break.

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