Investigating the Heart

Designed as mini-inquiry project, the grade eight students at Dr. A.E. Perry School set out to discover exactly what makes them tick. We started our inquiry just as we should: by asking some good questions. Our goal was to initially find answers to the following questions:

1. How exactly does the heart muscle function?

2. How can doctors treat a sick heart?

3. How does one preform a heart transplant?

We began our research process by visiting the NOVA Online “Cut to the Heart” website to gain insight. Then we completed a virtual heart transplant, which students found both interesting and useful. Students who enjoyed the heart transplant software also opted to try a virtual hip and knee replacement!

With the students begging to learn more about the heart, a special field trip to the Saskatchewan Science Centre was arranged. There the students enthusiastically dissected and inspected pig hearts.

See all the photos from the project!


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