Educational Blogging – New Avenues of Expression

Traditionally, writing assignments in educational settings have been dominated by paper-pencil formats. Students would complete writing assignments and them hand in for grading. Students, therefore, were not writing for authentic purposes and audiences. Educational blogging allows for new avenues of expression and provides an opportunity for students to write for a greater purpose. blogpic

During our PAWS time (Partners at Work), we presented our students with several articles regarding the possibility of Regina building a new multi-million dollar dome. The students were to review the articles and form an opinion on whether Regina really needs a new dome facility. Students then wrote blogs in the persuasive form and published them here. They are well worth the read, and I’m not the only person who thinks so! On November 10th, Mayor Fiacco will visit the grade 7 & 8 classes at Dr. A. E. Perry School in order to discuss the debate over the dome. We are VERY excited to have him as our guest. Oh the power of educational blogging!

One of the great features of blogging is interaction. Authors love to have their work read and are thrilled to find readers’ comments posted to their entries. Please take a few minutes to review a blog or two and to leave a comment for our aspiring writers. Visit  our Classroom Blogs at :


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