Module 1 – Defining Educational Technology

I chose to respond to Rhonda’s post mostly because her inquiries about the various terms being used to descibe the field of educational technology are similar to mine. I am slightly confused about the terminology and how each facet of educational technology relate to one another. Guess this is one reason that I was looking forward to this course- to sort out what my chosen field is really about. Can’t wait to get started on my mapping assignment this week even if it is sure to be a challenge.

Hi Rhonda,

I’m right there with you, trying to make sense of the definitions introduced in this module’s readings. I was most interested in ET being refered to as IT, ICT, and TE due to ET having “lost its currency” (Petrina, 2003). While I have never really kept an official count, the term ET seems to be the name most used in the context of my professional life. Our division has an ET consultant, an ET website, etc. Perhaps this is wrong or out-dated?

Secondly, another thing I learned from the readings was that my own personal definition of the word “technology” is very narrow and did not include many of the facets outlined in the readings. I imagine that most people would be unable to define “technology” with such scope. In my opinion, this causes problems for many people who hear the term ET and think only of laptops carts. Maybe this is part of the reason that the field is still referred to by so many variations.

Okay, now that I have done nothing to help you with clarifying the terms, I’d be interested in hearing from others who could help;)



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